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Video Surveilance

Through years of working with State and Local Governments, Energy, Voice and Internet Service Providers, Transportation and other Enterprise customers, Star Microwaves’ services have evolved to support all stages in a wireless network’s life from understanding customer needs/issues, design and implementation, maintenance services and training, to decommissioning/asset recovery and recycling. Building on this strong foundation, we offer video surveillance solutions.

The technical staff at Star Microwave provides you with all necessary support and services to ensure optimal design and implementation of a robust and flexible wireless infrastructure. Our service and maintenance programs are designed to maximize your return on investment by prolonging the life of your video network as it evolves to capture/manage more information, incorporate new technologies, and extend its reach. Our solutions address smooth and seamless transitions involving analog video to video-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and wired to wireless.

Star Microwave integrates cutting-edge technology from leading manufacturers of video surveillance infrastructure equipment including wireless MESH networking solutions from Azalea Networks, Firetide, Motorola, and Proxim Wireless, as well as camera and recorders from Axis Communications and Panasonic System Solutions.