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Backhaul & Last Mile


Star Microwave offers a wide range of broadband wireless solutions addressing backbone, high capacity, last mile, low-capacity, and everything in between. These solutions offer options including Ethernet, VoIP, TDM, T1, E1, DS3, STM, OC-1, OC-3, all indoor, all outdoor, indoor-outdoor split-mount, non-protected, monitored-hot standby N+1 protected, space diversity, parabolic antennas, sectorized antennas, flat panel antennas, network management and ancillary equipment such as .

License-exempt solutions off lower total cost and no licensing fees, and they are quick and easy to deploy. These solutions, operating in the ISM, U-NII, and other license-exempt bands offer built-in interference mitigation mechanisms such as automatic frequency and automatic transmit power control and require careful engineering for solid connectivity. Our Engineering team understands and is sensitive to the intricacies of the license-exempt solutions and related demands.

To learn about the available solutions that will satisfy your requirements, please contact us.

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TDM-to-IP Migration


We are fully aware of the crossroads in our customer’s telephony needs and the transition from TDM to IP. Many of our customers’ traditional telecommunications systems are nearing the end of their product lifecycles, and we are fully prepared to facilitate this transition.

TDM to IP migration can involve any combination of equipment repairs, exchanges, or replacements. We can help in all these areas.

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Video Surveilance


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Disaster Recovery, Homeland Security


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Fiber Extension


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Refurbished Equipment


For fast quotation on refurbished or new equipment, please Log-in, then fill out and submit an online Request for Quotation (RFQ) form. Star Microwave maintains a large inventory of complete radios and spare parts from leading manufacturers to support fastest exchange, modification, capacity increase, and re-configuration services. We support legacy and current products manufactured by:

Star Microwave provides its own warranty on its reconditioned products. Warranty periods vary from 3 months to 24 months depending on model and manufacturer. Please call to inquire about our warranty policies.

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